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About us

We are a team of professionals with a significant level of expertise spanning multiple disciplines for over four decades. Identifying health and wellness as the primary factors that drive liveliness in individuals, lead to the integration of our knowledge with our common values – the result is HealthSignz (HS). Driven by passion to contribute to the advancement of the happiness quotient and well being of communities as a whole, we are here to touch as many lives as possible by enriching them with HS. The most exciting journey of our lives has begun!

Our Vision

To enrich lives by empowering people to Live Longer and Happier

Our Mission

Harnessing advanced technologies and process excellence, combining it with medical intelligence and holistic healthcare to build an innovative health and wellness platform that offers consumers round the clock personalised care.

Our Beliefs

  • A healthy mind and body propel happiness.
  • Focus on the consumer – the rest follows.
  • Human body - mysterious yet most inspiring.
  • An inclusive approach towards stakeholders ensures lasting value.

The Team

People from inter-disciplinary backgrounds collectively working to harness advanced technologies to devise interventions that enable us to lead a healthier and longer life.

Dr. Ram Papa Rao A

Co-Founder & Chairman

An acclaimed clinical and healthcare management expert, Dr. Rao’s illustrious career spanning over 30 years saw him in distinct roles as a Professor, Medical Specialist, HOD, Medical Director, MD, Chairman and Advisor. A turnaround strategist, he has enabled several corporate hospitals, including CARE, attain and outperform their goals.

He was the first to envisage and incorporate Group Medical Practice in India in 1997. Dr. Rao has been on various national and international panels, including the National Core Group on Regulatory Norms and Patient Monitoring.

With an obsession for quality management and delivering successful patient outcomes, Dr. Rao has a passion to make healthcare more efficient, viable and individual centric in the global society.

Dr. Vinod P Nair


An ex-NASA scientist with a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from Boston University and an MBA from Stanford, Dr. Vinod has successfully led the Techno-Management Panels of multiple Fortune 500 companies using his expertise in various facets of Business Strategy. He has been associated at different levels with federal and state committees and is involved with CERN on the LHC Project.

Dr. Vinod is passionate about building enduring organizations with the right strategies, teams and business models. He believes in building a positive connect within the society for simple, yet empowered living.

Hanumantha Rao Ch

Co-Founder & CEO

With an extensive corporate experience of 17 years in IT and Organization Building, Hanumantha Rao’s expertise spans building IT strategy, Tech solutions, IT Transitions, Architecture, Tech support solutions, Vendor Management, People and Program Management and more.

Renowned for delivering high value and cost effective solutions, he worked with GE, IBM, Infinite among others and lead projects in India, the US, the UK, Denmark, Sweden and the Middle East for multiple Turnkey Solutions in Healthcare, Retail, BFSI, and Manufacturing for Fortune 500 companies. A trainer, motivator and team player with creditable leadership attributes, he has managed large teams.

Hanumantha Rao is passionate about building consumer centric world-class solutions using technology innovations to bring in quantum leaps in everyday living – Healthcare and Education in particular.

Surendranath C


With an MBA in Marketing and International Trade from SIU (London), Surendranath has over 15 years of multi domain global experience with proven capabilities in Consumer and Enterprise Sales. He possesses an incredible ability connecting the target audience with products and services through effective marketing and branding campaigns. He is passionate about building intelligence for efficient consumer acquisition using the latest innovations in Digital Marketing and Analytics.

Our Interests

  • Human Body

    Human Body

    The human body is the most amazing and ever fascinating subject for Medical and Spiritual study and on Evolution of Life. Human Life generally has the ability to adjust with the vagaries of nature and when that doesn't happen, it results into Disease and thus Pathology branch of medicine emerged to address the diseases. HS has passion for understanding holistic Human body & Mind and investing in combining Medicine, AYUSH, Preventive and other tools to assist Human body to maintain it as pristine as possible.

  • Happier Living

    Happier Living

    Happiness is a quotient related to optimum state of physique, mind, social existence, and spiritually attained bliss. The optimum state of the factors mentioned is too complex to gauge and is related to "evolved intellect" of human being. The dynamic interplay of factors relating to physical, mental, social and spiritual states determines the health of a human being. Scientific optimization of these factors based on the age, gender, and social evolvement of individuals is what HealthSignz aims to achieve for a happy living at individual level.

  • Harnessing Technology for Medical Advancement

    Harnessing Technology for Medical Advancement

    We are aiming at simplifying the services that the Healthcare & Wellness industry has to offer to consumers by creating Technology Intelligence, which will ultimately become a part of every person's life and will guide them to lead a healthier lifestyle. Imagine a world where all health and wellness indices of the human body are collected dynamically, utilized as input for big data, and fed to the Analytics Engine to predict the outcome of personal health implications. The predictions can then help to plan solutions for prevent illness and suggest precautions well in advance, just like computer diagnostics can prevent it from malfunctioning. Our ultimate aim is to harvest Technology Intelligence for promoting human life advancement.

  • Medical Treatment Standards

    Medical Treatment Standards

    Medical practice guidelines are conceived by scientific communities to optimize medical treatment standards among various societies. These guidelines are "systematically developed statements" to assist medical practitioners make appropriate decisions for patients in specific clinical situations. It ensures consumer's safety and keeps check on the quality of healthcare delivery. HealthSignz aims to improve the outcomes of individual health by partnering with medical community and promoting and customizing "protocol-based practice guidelines".

  • Ageing


    Ageing is one of the most captivating mysteries and yet a certain truth of life. It is a complex interplay of environmental and genetic factors, though largely determined by the latter.

    HealthSignz is here to understand the process of ageing and secrets of managing the ageing with optimal body functions with reduced disability. We at HS believe that through research of biology combined with technology advancement, Life Expectancy can be increased in coming decades and HS want to be part of that fascinating Human Journey to make them LIVE LONGER and LIVE HAPPIER

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