Ayurvedic Foods

  • A Warming Spice Packed with Goodness

    19 May 2016

    A warming spice used in traditional medicine as well as savoury and sweet dishes, the health benefits of cinnamon are well known in Ayurveda. Apart from adding a characteristic flavour to the food that is added to, cinnamon is an...

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  • The Health Benefits of Basil

    02 April 2016

    Though native to India and tropical Asia, basil is commonly used in Italian, Indonesian, Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. Factoid:There are different varieties of basil such as sweet, lime and lemon. Each of them has a unique...

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  • The Health Benefits of Clove

    23 March 2016

    Warm, sweet and aromatic in taste, cloves are renowned for their characteristic flavour and numerous health benefits.Factoid:Cloves contain a substance called eugenol that is toxic against harmful organisms, including...

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  • Ginger: The flavour Enhancer of All Dishes

    20 March 2016

    With its characteristic aromatic and pungent flavour, ginger can spice up any dish that it’s added to.Factoid:Ginger is extremely effective in alleviating loss of appetite, nausea, motion sickness and gastrointestinal...

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  • Nature’s Liquid Gold

    15 January 2016

    Well known for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties, honey offers a number of health benefits. Infants and adults alike can use honey for a number of health issues. Kids with gastroenteritis and bacterial diarrhea can be...

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  • The Golden Wonder Herb

    06 January 2016

    Turmeric adds colour, flavour and health to every meal. Used for centuries in Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, this incredible spice has now carved a niche for itself in Western medicine as well.This herb offers a number of health...

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  • A Herb For All Reasons and All Seasons!

    04 January 2016

    One of most common herbs used in Ayurveda, Tulsi is well known for its numerous medicinal properties. The whole plant (leaves, stems, roots, flowers and seeds) is used in making different kinds of medicines. Holy Basil is...

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