HealthSignz shows the way to personalised healthcare

12 July 2015

Identifying the tell- tale signs of susceptibility to impending diseases at an early stage and opening the window to a world of cost- effective interventions is what a new start- up named HealthSignz intends to do.

“We would like to offer roundthe- clock personalised, effective and integrated healthcare for the entire family”. This will help us position as a life- long partner for a healthy living with individuals and as a wholistic human care company, says a professional quartet, that has launched the venture out of Hyderabad.

Ram Papa Rao, a healthcare expert with 35 years experience, is the founder chairman; Vinod P Nair, an ex- NASA scientist specialises in artificial intelligence and business strategy; Hanumantha Rao is the technology driver and CEO; and Surendra- nath, marketing chief, have boldly entered into this new space.

“We have done a few years of groundwork, used big data analytics, focussed research and conceptualised the initiative. The engine for the growth will be the proprietary mobile platform, that will incorporate the ‘ 3 Tier HS’ healthcare model built by the team using SMAC ( social, mobile, analytics, cloud) and IOT ( Internet of Things)”, they explained to BusinessLine.

Dedicated teams

The initial investment is $ 2.5 million. The dedicated teams total 60 now. In phase- 1 to be up by the first quarter of 2016, the physical presence will grow to two metros, the staff strength touch 500plus and the expected investment be around $ 45- 50 million. Interest in investing into the venture has already come from financial institutions and private equity firms, said Hanumantha Rao, the CEO based in Bengaluru.

There are multiple streams of generating revenues, including physical facilities that will be created, specialised services to be offered etc, he said. Most of the technology development work has been done at Bengaluru.

Mobile platform

The mobile platform will be ready for operation by the end of the financial year. Meantime support activity that forms part of the wellness and wholesome health will be extended, he said.

The team wants to reinforce the adage, ‘ Health is wealth’, which is time tested. However, in real life, individual spends on healthcare are ballooning as preventive care is yet to get its rightful place in our overall health management. HealthSignz wants to make a difference by showing the way there.