An App from HealthSignz to watch-over your health

08 August 2015

HYDERABAD: Worried how to manage wellness in a busy schedule? A combination of tech platform which monitors your vital stats through external device and sensors, HealthSignz has come up with a solution. The system which collects user data through various means and analyses and stores it on an intelligent platform promises to close the loop between healthcare sector workers and users. Targeted at existing players in the healthcare sector, HealthSignz will monetise its B2B platform to be launched in the next quarter. The customer-end solution will be available at no cost. “We have special packages and have divided the population into eight groups based on age and sex. We will monitor your parameters regularly and the intelligence and analytics platform will come up with the apt solution – whether medicines, yoga or peace of mind,” says Hanumantha Rao, co-founder and CEO of of the Bnagalore based company. The company will launch its app in the beta-phase by end of 2015, and the API for B2B services will remain public for healthcare businesses to build solutions on top. The pilot phase for the B2C model will be launched in two metro cities, followed by a scale up. “We have already invested USD 2 million (Rs 12.6 crore approximately) on the current platform and are in talks to raise a further round to fund the expansion over the next two years,” adds Hanumantha Rao.