About HealthSignz

HealthSignz is
the first ever future proof
Health Intelligence platform
enabling all healthcare providers to catalyse, adapt and scale for efficient delivery



Public Healthcare

Non-Healthcare providers

By creating a seamless pathway between every consumer and multiple facets of the provider network, this multi-dimensional platform enables scalability, geo- spread andefficient delivery to target consumers and all stakeholders in thehealthcare

HealthSignz is everyone’s personal health assistant! The AI powered platform understands you and lets you manage your fitness, wellness and illness effectively and efficiently, all throughout your life stages.

HealthSignz for Public Health - HealthSignz aims to improve overall public health by collabo- rating with Governments of the state and province, this enhances the quality of living standards and social progress index of the nation.

Multiple gadgets and devices - IOT included propel the lifestyle of mankind today. HealthSignz platform, effectively integrates, the value proposition of the devices and the users by person-alised usage and positioning.

HealthSignz Offerings

HealthSignz’s unique Health Intelligence Engine (HIE) powers AI to transform healthcare experience, enabling all stakeholders for scalability, geo-spread and efficient delivery. The intelligence uses data science and machine learning to serve as each consumer’s health companion for life and promote overall well-being.