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By HealthSignz | Published: April 19th, 2017

World Liver Day

Did you know that that the proper functioning of your liver defines your overall health?

Liver is the most essential organ of the body. Located under the right side of the abdomen and just below the rib cage, liver works to digest food and remove toxic substances from the body.

As a vital organ, liver supports the functioning of almost every other organ of the body. It’s strategic placement in the human body and the way it functions, makes it prone to diseases.

What if the functioning goes wrong?

There are various reasons why the functioning of liver can go wrong. Reasons could be genetic, physical or psychological.

An individual in some cases can inherit an abnormal gene from one or both parents. This could lead to the build-up of various substances in liver, resulting in liver damage. Genetic liver diseases include Hemochromatosis, Hyperoxaluria and Oxalosis, and Wilson’s disease.

Cancer and other growths such a Bile Duct cancer or Liver Adenoma can also damage the normal functioning of the liver.

Liver diseases also can be caused by various factors such as alcohol consumption, viral infection, obesity and improper digestion amongst others.

Psychologically, individuals with liver diseases are known to dread liver transplantations, with the rate of getting the correct donor being less than 20%.

How can you identify?

The signs and symptoms to identify liver diseases are jaundice, abdominal pain and swelling, itchy skin, legs and ankles swelling, loss of appetite, chronic fatigue, nausea or vomiting and dark urine colour amongst others.

Psychologically, a patient with liver diseases deals with issues such as phobia, obsession, self-worthlessness, reduced self-esteem, pessimistic thinking, and suicidal thoughts that further could result in anxiety and depression.

How can you monitor?

Liver diseases can be monitored by avoiding the consumption of alcohol, unprotected sex, diabetes, reduced exposure to chemicals/toxins, exposure to blood and body fluids, obesity as well as keeping a tab on the high levels of triglycerides in the blood.

Patients can constantly diagnose and obtain information about the treatment and reflect on the progress. Monitoring mood swings also can help in the long run.

The loved ones of the patients can keep a tab on the patients’ restlessness, intoxication, fever and other diseases that can lead them to not follow the treatment plans.

How to maintain?

Patients who have troubles with the liver should avoid or drink alcohol in moderation. Prescribed and non-prescribed drugs should be taken only when needed and in recommended doses. To keep the liver free of damage, it is best to avoid mixing medication and alcohol.

Regular vaccinations against hepatitis is very important. It is recommended to avoid contact with blood and body fluids as hepatitis viruses can be spread by accidental needle sticks or improper clean-up.

Patients can also avoid contact with insecticides, fungicides, paint, and other toxic chemicals or follow manufacturer’s instructions.

Individuals who have a higher risk of liver diseases must try keeping their weight under tab. This will help avoid the cause of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Liver diseases can be maintained easily by first understanding the possible emotional effects and then getting support. Loved ones’, whom you can count on, play a huge role in helping fight against the disease.

Liver diseases and its complications may vary. Do not leave it untreated as it could lead to liver failure, a life-threatening condition.

Work on stressful emotions and seek support from family and friends and be open to work on the signs of depression and anxiety. Also seek professional help from the doctors when needed.

Most important of all, is good nutrition. A well-balanced diet can help the liver cells to regenerate new liver cells. Adopting lifestyle changes like quitting alcohol, smoking and focusing on healthier eating practices, regular physical activity will aid in better nutrition status.

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