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By HealthSignz | Published: December 23rd, 2015

Are the employees in your organization losing it all day by day and are you searching for a solution to change this scenario?Well! Here comes HealthSignz, an expert in health care technology, with its 10-tip formula for a productive work culture in every organization. As HealthSignz always sticks to deliver health care in the simplest form, the tips that we suggest will not demand much of your effort and following these simple tips will bring about that change you are yearning for and work becomes your new joy.

So, scroll down and get to know the approach in 10 simple steps 

Nutrition and General Health

  • Provide your employees with healthy office snacks

    Healthy snacks add in weight control, improve mood, and boost energy, making it a no brainer to provide for your office. It goes with the saying “ To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.


  • Encourage Green

    Did you know that the color of your food, dishes, table linens and wall color could all have an affect on your appetite? Some colors can excite your senses and entice you to eat more, while others can actually help curb mindless snacking. Color Green encourages Healthy and eating without risk feel. Go a head and green up your plates and surroundings.

  • Stop offering soda and sugar-laden drinks:
  • You know, all that really matter’s is that the people you love are happy and healthy. Everything else is just sprinkles on the sundae. If you are offering your team snacks or meals with no nutritional value, make the switch to healthier alternatives. At the very least offer a majority of healthy items that include; minimally sweetened teas or flavored waters; what can be best than a simple Lemonade with honey.  


  • Encourage creativity with collaboration spaces

    Find an empty office or unused area around your office and turn it into a place where people can meet and collaborate on projects. Install some comfortable furniture so people can set up shop away from their desks and let the creativity flow.

  • Create flexible work hours

    Everyone likes more flexibility with work because it allows him or her to structure the day according to the lifestyle they follow. Kick the habit of mandated working hours (i.e. 9am – 5pm with a half hour for lunch) and focus more on effectiveness. What matters most is the quality and effectiveness of someone’s work.

  • Share personal goals on a whiteboard

    Get a whiteboard where people only write their non-work related wellness goals. Things like “Go to the gym 3 times per week”, “play basketball 4 times per month”, or “read 10 books this year” are some good ones to get people started.   

Fitness Activity 

  • On-site yoga classes to relieve stress

    Include the science in your office, science of youthfulness, science of energy, science of integrating body, mind and soul. Invite a yoga instructor into your office every couple of weeks to guide the team through a yoga class.

  • Turn meetings into walking meetings

    You sit all day, so why not make your meetings a walking meeting instead? Research has suggested that walking makes people more creative.

  • Subsidise wearable technology

    Helps employees track their activity, wearable technologies can help people to not only track their fitness levels but also monitor their sleep patterns. 10. The 7 Hours of Sleep Challenge For 30 days, employees track how many nights they slept at least 7 hours. The winner at the end of the month gets a prize. 


Implement this 10-tip formula and before you realize your organization is already in progress,

after all ‘Health is wealth’.

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