Transform Your Workplace from Illness to Wellness.

By HealthSignz | Published: December 31st, 2015

Boost Up Your Employees With These Simple Wellness Tips.

Are the best employees in your organization losing their ease at work and you are wondering what might be the reason behind this. Well! It could be your workplace wellness which needs a change. So how do you keep up and maintain wellness in your workplace?

Here are the simple tips to share among your employees and boost them up, thereby elevating your workplace wellness.

Start your day with a boost:

Want to Give Your Morning Coffee a Healthy Boost? Then, stir in some Cinnamon as it helps to regulate blood sugar, which can make it ideal to help stabilize energy levels and moods.

Work Smart, Not Hard:

You might be thinking that spending much time at your desk is the best way to get ahead. But, Research has suggested that the time of 90-Minutes is actually the ideal human capacity for focusing on high level on any form of work. So, take a break every 90-Minutes in order to keep yourself more focussed, while helps you to accomplish a greater workload in less time.

Take a walk:

A recent research demonstrated that lunchtime walks can drastically improve your work day. This activity contributes to an increase in productivity, mental relaxation and overall enthusiasm, but it also counts as a way to get moving.

Stairs are not the enemy:

If you can manage and have the access, try to take the stairs as often as possible in your workplace. This activity would keep the blood flowing and contribute positively towards mental acuity. Simply taking the stairs multiple times throughout the day could easily be equivalent to using the step mill machine at the gym.

Mind Your Sitting Posture:

The act of crossing your legs, while sitting at your desk can lead to poor posture and lower back stress. Aim to keep both feet flat on the floor for a healthier spine. Even better? Use a motion char to engage your core, improve circulation and focus.

Avoid multitasking:

Studies have shown that switching back and forth between tasks can decrease your rate of productivity by up to 40%. You’re more likely to make errors and introduce stress at a higher rate when multitasking.

Keep your desk germ free:

Did you know that office desktops had almost 21,000 germs per square inch. What people don’t realize is that their desks, phones, computer keyboards are a haven for germs and can easily spread virus to whoever touches them. So, be sure that your desk is 100% germ free.                  

Soothe Your Sight:

Staring at your computer screen stresses your eye balls. To give them some relief, rub your hands together in a fast motion to generate heat. Next, take your hands and place them over your closed eyes. The pressure from your hands and the heat that you created will ease some tension and help soothe your sight.

Follow these tips for improving health and wellness at your desk. These small changes will help you to achieve your overall health goals.

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