Top 5 Summer Skin Care Tips.

By HealthSignz | Published: June 4th, 2017

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Have you looked at yourself in the mirror and wondered why is your skin dull and lifeless, especially during summers?

Skin is the largest organ of integumentary system in the human body that defines external health. Time and again to provide good health, the skin regenerates in the form acne, wrinkles, dullness, excessive sweating, tanning, dryness, pigmentation and cracking. In the process, it leaves the skin irritated and inflamed, and releases excess oil and opens pores. Use of synthetic products also fuel the damage.

In summers, skin goes through few problems. They are listed below:

  • Sunburn: The ultraviolet (UV) rays burn the skin when long hours are spent under the sun. The symptoms include patches of darkened skin that peel away with time.
  • Sun tan: Long exposure in the sun turns the skin dark and dry.
  • Prickly heat: Summers and humid climate combined result in excessive sweating, resulting in bacterial infection.  
  • Foot Infection: Fungal infections trouble the foot skin, caused by sweating due to excessive humidity.

Tips for skin care in summer season:

Taking care of skin means different things to different people. Some would consider complexions, while some will consider overall skin health. Skin health and skin care are unique to every individual. To overall take care of the skin, some lifestyle changes are needed. Read below to know more:

  1. Sun Protection: Even though sunlight is needed by the body for Vitamin D production, it is recommended to avoid exposure to summer sun between 10 am and 2 pm. If necessary it is recommended to wear fully covered clothes and use a minimum of 15 SPF sunscreen if preferring an activity that leads to increased perspiration.
  2. Avoid Smoking: Smoking is known to narrow the tiny blood vessels in outermost layers of skin, decreasing blood flow. It depletes the skin of oxygen and nutrients that are needed to maintain skin health. Smoking leads to the damage of collagen, an elastin that offers skin strength and elasticity. Smoking causes repetitive action of the lips pursing when inhaling and squinting eyes while exhaling, making individuals look older than their age.
  3. Gently Treat Skin: Strong soaps, hot showers, and long baths are known reduce the natural skin oil, resulting in dry skin. It is suggestible to pat dry the skin as it retains the skin moisture. Also, moisturizing skin depending on the skin type will help in the long run. One must be careful while shaving, ensuring the skin is properly lubricated and shaved in the direction of the hair growth.
  4. Maintain Diet: Healthy food is a key to good skin. Include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins that supply the body with required nutrients that boost younger and healthier glowing skin.
  5. Stress Management: Stress triggers acne breakouts and a dull-looking skin. Therefore, it is recommended to set reasonable limits for everything including doing things that one likes and sleeping well.

During summer one should regularly exfoliate the skin, keep the body hydrated as well as stick to natural skin care remedies, because healthy skin is a reflection of overall wellness.

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