Foods and Beverages to Avoid During Summer

By HealthSignz | Published: May 25th, 2016

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Staying hydrated and healthy becomes extremely important during summer. But, it is equally important to stay away from foods that are unhealthy, cause dehydration and promote an uneasy feeling of fullness.

Here are some of some foods and beverages that we should avoid during the scorching summer:


Indian food is synonymous with spice. Though loaded with flavour and mouth wateringly delicious, it can cause indigestion, especially during summer. Too much spice can create heat internally by altering our metabolism.

Fried Food

Junk food like patties, fries and pizzas are deep-fried. Apart from making us feel bulky and fat, they can trigger a breakout of acne and pimples. Our body takes longer to digest fried food in summer, which is why we should stay clear of it. Opt for fresh fruits and juices instead. 

Non-Vegetarian Food

Just like spicy and fried food, non-vegetarian food is unhealthy and takes longer to digest, making it a bad choice during summer. It also causes digestive problems and makes us sweat more. Avoid gravy laden, cream thickened and oily chicken, fish and meat dishes. Go vegetarian at least during the summer.

Tea and Coffee

Both tea and coffee increase body heat – the exact opposite of what our body needs in the summer. They also cause dehydration, making us appear flushed. Avoid hot beverages during summer. Drink lots of water, buttermilk and fruit infused water to keep the body cool.


Alcohol causes more dehydration than caffeine. We will do our body a lot of good by striking it off our summer beverage list immediately. Opt for cocktails that are cooling and have minimal alcohol instead. They are also tasty and enjoyable to drink.


Nuts are healthy and loaded with goodness. However, they also produce heat and take longer to digest when the temperature is high outside. They are essentially for winters. Opt for fresh fruits and cream instead. Avoid nuts during the summer. 

Salad Dressing and Sauces

While sauces and salad dressings can makes meals tasty and interesting, they can also cause health problems during summer. High in calories, they leave us bloated and sluggish. Some sauces have very high salt content. They also contain MSG (Monosodium Glutamate). Avoid cheese dips at all costs and opt for fresh mint chutney instead. 

With a few more months of summer still ahead, we need to ensure that we take extremely good care of ourselves. Increasing global temperatures leading to unbearable heat and severe dehydration can take a toll on our health if we are not careful.

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