Roar like a Lion to Invoke Force and Intensity

By HealthSignz | Published: August 10th, 2017

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Try this Yoga face that is the best face exercise that prevents wrinkles

Kneel and sit on the floor and practice this face exercise called as Simhasana, deriving its name from Sanskrit where ‘Simha’ means lion and ‘Asana’ means pose. Even though very simple and easy-to-perform pose, its benefits are commendable and hence, you should try to incorporate this pose in your daily Yoga routine.

Body Parts at Work

The chest and face are the body parts that are primarily involved while practicing this pose.

Psychological Benefits

This pose gives peace and calm to the mind relieving tension and stress


  • It stimulates a flat, thin, rectangular-shaped muscle called platysma that is located on the front of the throat
  • Known to relieve tension in the face and chest
  • The stretching of facial muscles improves blood circulation in the face and prevents and reduces wrinkles
  • Keeps your eyes healthy by stimulating the nerves
  • Therapeutic for sore throat, asthma, and other respiratory ailments
  • Has been known to treat bad breath

Try this pose under the guidance of a certified Yoga Practitioner and reap its benefits. However, do not practice if you have a knee injury.

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