The Story of Human Health: Addressing The Elephant in The Room

By HealthSignz | Published: November 30th, 2015

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Right from our inception, we have overcome many challenges and several obstacles (epidemics, endemics & communicable diseases) in our fight for life. The milestones in medicine that we’ve achieved since WWII are countless. Today, we are no longer fighting for mere existence or survival. We can proudly claim that we have now entered an era of health where all the resources to embrace good health are available to us.  

Though rapid advancements in technology have brought about an evolution of the human mind, the same can’t be said about our approach and attitude towards our health. We are living in an age of illness and disease, largely driven by our lifestyle – the biggest cause of concern. Stress, anxiety, unhealthy food, sleep deprivation, high blood pressure – the list goes on and on. Our bodies and minds are tired and have reached a breaking point. 

Our goal is to address this Big Problem by innovating human centric technology for enhancing life. HealthSignz (HS) has spent over three years researching health metrics across multiple phases of life with a focus on lifestyle related problems.

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We are a team of professionals with a significant level of expertise spanning multiple disciplines for over four decades. Identifying health and wellness as the primary factors that drive liveliness in individuals, lead to the integration of our knowledge with our common values – the result is HealthSignz (HS). Driven by passion to contribute to the advancement of the happiness quotient and well being of communities as a whole, we are here to touch as many lives as possible by enriching them with HS.