Changes in the Brain and Nervous System with Age

By HealthSignz | Published: July 19th, 2016

With age, our brain loses some of the structures that connect the nerve cells (neurons). While some neurons are lost, not only do the remaining cells make new connections, but new nerve cells may also form in some parts of the brain, even in old age.

Brain and Nervous System Changes

  • Some tasks take longer that they did when we were younger
  • The brain loses some of the structures that connect the nerve cells
  • Subtle changes in the ability to recall names/words and learn new material
  • Forgetfulness is a normal occurrence, but it may not be dementia
  • Fatty deposits accumulate in the artery walls, putting us at a risk of stroke
  • Coordination, muscle control, muscular movement and mental sharpness are affected

There are a few healthy habits that can minimize the risk of brain and nervous system disorders.

What we can do

 Eat nutritious food and follow a low fat diet

 Nerves need nutrition to stay healthy. Vitamin B, fruits like blueberries and strawberries and leafy greens like spinach that are rich in antioxidants provide our body the nutrition it needs for healthy nerve functioning.

Limit alcohol consumption

Avoid alcohol or limit its consumption to a drink a day. Consuming more than one or two drinks a day increases the risk of stroke, injures nerve cells and raises blood pressure.

Quit smoking

Smokers have a 50% higher risk of suffering from a stroke when compared to non-smokers.

Challenging the brain

 Mental stimulation helps maintain brain function.

With billions of neurons and trillions of connections, the brain has more cells than it needs. The same factors that keep our heart and blood vessels healthy, work for our brain too.

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