Boosting Your Happiness Quotient

By HealthSignz | Published: April 1st, 2016

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Ancient philosophers, the greatest thinkers, psychologists and influential spiritual leaders have devoted time, energy and resources to understand what happiness is all about, as elusive as it may seem. Practice these essentials to be happy and stay happy

Be Present in The Moment:

The present is your only reality and you can choose to control it. You can change neither the past nor the future, which is why it is important that you live in the present and experience all it can offer you, right here and right now.

Focus On The Essentials:

Think about what is truly important without confusing this for what is urgent. The second you do away with a number of non-essentials, life become a lot easier and simpler. Direct your energies only on those things that really matter to you.

Get Rid of Negativity:

Though easier said than done, eliminating discontent, unhappiness and misery is possible when you decide that you have no space for unrealistic expectations and stereotypes. Be open minded and stop thinking that everything needs to go your way. You can neither control how people act/react nor how the events in your life unfold.

Be Passionate:

Know your strengths, skills and talents to funnel all those energies into something that you are truly excited about. When you live your dream life that is built on the strength of your aptitude, you will not think about compensating for your weaknesses all the time. Doing even that one thing that you life will give your life purpose and meaning.

Progress is More Important than Perfection:

If you refuse to settle for anything less than what you expect in life, you are setting yourself up for a life of disappointment and unhappiness. Perfection is not synonymous with happiness. Instead of focusing on perfectionism, strive for progress. You will also enjoy the journey of life a lot more.

Master the Art of Stress Management:

Human lives are riddled with numerous events, expected and unexpected, natural and causal and so on. The only thing that can help is to face challenges head-on by empowering ourselves with the right tools to overcome whatever comes our way. Happiness is not the absence of problems, but having the grace and resilience to resolve them and move on once we know we have learned whatever we needed to.

Forgive Yourself and Others:

Holding onto the past never did anyone any good. Unless you forgive yourself for your mistakes and others for any hurt or grudge, you will not be able to move on in life. Do not drag along these negative emotions that hold you, your peace and your happiness back. Stop the ‘rewind’ button and just hit ‘play’ to get to the present moment.

We spend our lives in the pursuit of happiness. While none can define ‘happiness’, these are a few things you can do to boost your happiness quotient.

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