Detecting Symptoms of Depression in Children

By HealthSignz | Published: March 15th, 2016

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Depression is a mood disorder that is characterized by profound sadness, joylessness, despondency, and inability to experience pleasure.

Typical Symptoms of Depression:

• Deep guilt

• Sadness, hopelessness and helplessness

• Loss of energy and interests

• Low self-esteem

• Feelings of guilt

• Unforgiving of oneself

• Changes in appetite, sleep, energy and concentration

• Profoundly diminished ability to love, laugh, work, and play

• Overwhelming fatigue

• Staying in bed for days at a time

• May pace frantically or collapse and hardly move

Difference Between Sadness, Grief, Despair and Depression:

While episodes of despair, sadness and grief seem fairly overwhelming when they occur, their intensity reduces as time passes. Depression does not health with time.

Depression in Children:

Both parents and professionals fail to spot depression in children. In addition, it is rare for children to report depression to others spontaneously. They typically remain unaware of their feelings, which manifest themselves through changes in their appetite, behaviour, and sleep.

Subtle Signs of Childhood Depression:

• May weave themes of death or loss into their play

• Dark topics show up more often

• Mood swings and fluctuations throughout the day

• Unhealthy weight gain leading to obesity

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