Take Care of Your Teeth and Stay Away from These!

By HealthSignz | Published: July 15th, 2017

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Good dental health means a healthy mouth, teeth and gums. Our quality of life and appearance is greatly affected by our dental health.

Taking good care of teeth can prevent dental problems that not only affect the teeth but also our mouth and gums. Any small cavity or infection in the teeth can spread and affect our mouth and gums. In fact, in several cases, dental problems have been associated with severe headache. Therefore, it is important to understand the treatments available for various dental problems and take the required action by consulting a dental specialist.

Filling and Repairs: This treatment is mainly used to fill cavities or when the teeth have met any injury (trauma, e.g. while playing).

Root Canals: Diseased or abscessed teeth due to injury, crack or decay has to undergo this treatment to remove the infected tissue and prevent it from spreading further.

Teeth Whitening: Age and staining due to food , drug, smoking and traum lead to darkening to the teeth. The solution to this the teeth whitening treatment.

Braces: This is not a treatment perhaps a device that is used correct alignment of teeth and problems associated with bite, i.e. under- or overbite.

Oral Cancer Examination: Though not a treatment, it important for an individual to know that during a routine dental examination, the dentist can observe changes in tissue or lumps in neck, face and inside mouth. Therefore, always ask your dentist to check for the same.

Gum Surgery: Infection affecting the gums and jaw bone lead to a loss of gum and teeth. This occurs in two stages – milder stage called as gingivitis and severe form called as periodontitis.

Wisdom Tooth Removal: This is mainly done to correct a problem or prevent future problems. The problems include small size of that jaw that cannot accommodate the wisdom tooth or prevent its breaking; incorrect braking also leads to causing a flap of gum to overgrow and then infection; and if the wisdom tooth is impacted, it can cause infection, cyst formation or damage to other teeth and bone.

Crowns and Caps: A restorative procedure that protect damaged, cracked or broken teeth.

Extractions: Thi is done when the tooth is severely damaged and no other restorative treatment is suggestible.

Dentures: These are nothing but prosthetic device or false teeth that is fixed after a tooth is extracted.

Veneers: Repair of chipped, decayed or stained teeth and also, closing gaps between teeth is with thin pieces of ceramic or resin material called as veneers.

Sealants: Generally applied to the premolars and molars, this treatment acts as a barrier against decay-causing bacteria.

Bonding: It is a restorative procedure that is used to repair teeth and close tooth gaps.

Bridges and Implants: Bridges and implants are used mainly to replace a tooth or more than one teeth.

Scale and Polish: This is mainly done to remove plaque and tartar that can be a reason of future dental problems.

Knowing the various treatments available, does not indicate that an individual should consult a dentist only when required; a regular visit to dental specialist will help in maintaining healthy teeth, gums and mouth and in turn, improve the quality of life and appearance.

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