Yoga For PCOS – Cat Cow Pose

By Dr. Vijay Bathina | Published: January 22nd, 2016

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Both these yoga poses generate a lot of movement in the spine and help to relax the tightness of the shoulder and neck. They also massage and stimulate the abdominal muscles and reproductive organs and enhance the functions of the CNS.

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Dr. Vijay Bathina

Dr.Vijay Bathina (Physiotherapist) MPT, MIAP, PGDHHM, MMTFI Has over 8 years of experience in Spine Rehab, Gait Analysis & Rehabilitation, Musculo-Skeletal Injury Assessment & Exercise Prescription, Sports Injury Rehabilitation & Sport Endurance Training, Stroke Rehabilitation & Functional Training, and Manual Therapy. Currently heading the Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation at Citizens Hospitals, Hyderabad, he has worked with Medanta, Columbia Asia, and Care hospitals.