7 Body Parts not to be touched

By HealthSignz | Published: June 30th, 2016

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There are certain parts of the body that are not to be touched as the hands and fingers get re-contaminated rapidly even after proper washing. You need to be even more careful if you wear rings or have not clipped your nails recently.

Ear Canal

The thin skin that lines your ear canal tears easily. Never stick your fingers in there even if it itches persistently. Follow a ear hygiene routine and a tailored ear treatment program.


Do not touch your face unless you are applying something to it or washing it. Every time you touch a germ-laden surface and your fingers to your face, you risk a pimple attack. Besides, they contain pore-blocking oils.


Apart from wiping and washing this part of your body, do not touch it. Always wash your hands thoroughly if you touch it for any other reason.


It is very easy to introduce germs into your eyes, which results in infection. Keep your eyes off limits. If they feel dry and itchy or you feel uncomfortable, talk to your doctor.


People tend to put their fingers in their mouth when they are bored. A third to a quarter of germs are transferred to our mouths from our fingers.

Inside of Your Nose

Keep your hands off your nose – those who pick their nose are 51% more likely to host Staphylococcus aureus bacteria.

Skin under Your Nails

Keep your nails 2 mm or shorter and use a gentle nailbrush to remove any dirt as often as possible.

                                                     We should treat our body with respect.


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