Often Ignored Causes of Back Pain!

By HealthSignz | Published: September 17th, 2017

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Do you sit for long duration of hours in front of the screen? Is this unavoidable? Read further to know minute causes or changes that can help you with back pain!

Back pain can be dull, sharp, or persistent. Many medical conditions like arthritis, pregnancy, herniated disc, ovarian cysts, kidney-related issues, and sciatica are known to cause back pain. However, lifestyle can also be a cause. Back pain due to prolonged hours of sitting and working in front of the screen has become very common and not much thought is given to the causes and how can it be prevented. A few pointers that lead to back pain and even improvised upon have been mentioned below

  • Seating posture: Thighs should be at right angle to your body with feet touching firmly on the floor.
  • Computer screen position: Your eyes should be at the monitor level
  • Desk equipment layout: Any other documents used should be right in front of you and other equipment should be easily reachable
  • Keyboard and mouse position: Keyboard and mouse should be at your elbow height for appropriate alignment of arms and shoulder
  • Height of the chair: Adjust your chair according to your height and use a footrest if required.

To conclude, always see that there is indirect lighting to prevent eyestrain and glare. However, always contact your healthcare provider to understand your back pain and get the correct treatment on time.

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