Tips to Get Rid of the Afternoon Energy Slump at the Workplace

By HealthSignz | Published: May 9th, 2016

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The most common time when we feel drained and are unable to concentrate at our workplace is during mid afternoon. Research has shown that the energy slump usually occurs at around 2.15 pm every afternoon. The good news is that there are healthy energy boosters that we can try to overcome this lethargy instead of reaching for a chocolate bar, a cup of coffee or a pack of chips.


Sitting at your desk while staring at your computer/laptop all day long can result in tiresomeness and body aches. Ensure that you are sitting correctly at your desk. Take a break every hour and be as regular as possible about it. You need to get up from your chair, move around and stretch your legs. A combination of deep breathing and stretches will not only wake you up, but also boost blood circulation. If you can take a short and brisk walk for 10 minutes, it will work wonders for your mind and body.


Lack of a sufficient intake of water or dehydration can make you feel sleepy. It also triggers headaches and thwarts your ability to concentrate. More often than not, we eat when we are actually thirsty, assuming that we are feeling hungry. Do not wait to feel thirsty to hydrate. Always keep a bottle filled with water at your desk. It is more likely that you will drink it regularly when it is right in front of you. Check to see if you are drinking enough water throughout the day.


Snacking at the right time of the day and eating the right kind of snacks have an impact on your metabolism and energy levels. The energy boost of a sugar snack does not last long. Choose fresh fruit, dried fruit or nuts, almonds and carrots over chocolate bars and chips. These are healthy, sensible and long-lasting source of energy. If you really need to eat chocolate, satisfy your sweet tooth with a few squares of high quality plain dark chocolate. This kind of chocolate has a richness that will make you feel good and satisfied even when you eat less of it. More importantly, it contains less sugar, which makes it a smarter choice when compared to other sugar-heavy processed drinks and foods.

Work Focus

When we face a never-ending list of tasks and things to do, it is very easy to feel demotivated and lose all our enthusiasm. This is one of the most common and easiest reasons to slip into an energy slump. Do not look at your task list as one single massive block that swallows your entire day. Instead, break it into small, manageable tasks that make it less scary and daunting. You can reward yourself with a break after you finish each one. It will also help you stay focused.

The best way to overcome an energy slump at the workplace is to schedule the simple jobs during early afternoon. Since focus and performance usually drop during this time of the day, it is best that you leave the to-dos that do not demand too much concentration and focus for this part of the day.

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