6 Exercises That Pave the Way to a Fitter You!

By HealthSignz | Published: January 9th, 2015

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Never ending deadlines? Crazy work schedules? Pressed for time? Well, you can still make time for a workout with 6 exercises that give your body a complete workout! The best part is, you neither have to worry about a gym membership nor buy any fitness equipment.

Exercise is the best way to feel better, look better and even live longer. From weight control to combating lifestyle related diseases, boosting energy and improving your sleep and mood, a workout is the best way to deal with stress as well. Aim for at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day

Warm up

To get started – walk around, jog in the same spot, flex and stretch.


Lie facedown, palms a shoulder width apart. Push your body till your elbows offer resistance. Pause and get back into position while ensuring that your neck, back and legs are in a straight line.


Stand with your legs apart and toes pointed outward. Bend your knees with your thighs parallel to the floor, arms raised and in front of you. Get back into position now while lowering your arms.


It gets easier, trust us! After your squats, take 2-3 steps on one foot. Bend your knees and the entire body while keeping your back straight. Repeat on the other foot!

Abdominal crunches

Lie down with your hands behind your head or crossed on your chest, feet flat and knees bent. Lift your head and shoulder blades off the floor. 

Back extensions

Lie on your stomach with your hands under your chin or by your sides. Lift your shoulders with your thighs on the floor.  Slowly lower your body without exerting too much pressure on the back. 

Try these 6 routines that will see you from fat to fit in no time – all it needs is a little commitment, regularity and discipline! Enjoy a fitter and toned you!

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